Barnitall, a brief introduction

April 12th, 2018

It’s down and back to the yard


March 24 2018

Finally have another one on the go……and it’s a whopper !

3 – 80′ x 40′ connected barns…..all kinds of material

6000 linear feet of 3″ x 10″ joists,

over 3000 square feet of 2″ threshing boards

up to 22 feet long and 16+ inches wide

about the same amount of 1″ brown board

maybe a couple of thousand sq ft of grey left at this point

beams anywhere from 6 x 6 to 12 x 12 up to 35 feet long

Here’s a few pics

IMG_0147  Screenshot  IMG_0186IMG_0150  IMG_0148  Screenshot-2018

Barnitall is in the reclaiming barns business. As urban sprawl continues its inexorable course, we are happy to at least play a part in diverting this beautiful wood from the landfill and in some instances actually ‘save’ a barn and have it re-erected at a new location. The majority of these barns are 120 + years old, yielding some gorgeous old growth wood in some dimensions that are hard to come by these days; 1″ thick boards as wide as 32″ are almost common place, 2″ threshing boards are ideal for table or counter tops. Beams from 6′ to 50′, from 6″ X 6″ to 12″ X 12″….and sometimes even larger. Collectibles from signs, to lightning rods, to roof vents, old hardware and machinery. Each subsequent barn seems to bring even more variety in its bounty. is best viewed with Google Chrome


Our first in house piece is finished! We took one half of a late 1800′s Massey Harris log sleigh and utilizing brown boards of similar vintage and adding a couple of strap hinges from the same period created this beautiful, and hefty coffee table . Click on the thumbnail of the original piece to view the gallery of pictures.



For those of you that don’t know, I have current stock in a number of different kijiji ads.

Just go to  and search barnitall or Depending what area you select you will see different ads. I have the most up under the GTA and Barrie

If anyone is waiting for a reply and it’s been awhile, forgive me I’ve been somewhat inundated and have a feeling a few have slipped through the cracks. Please resend or call and accept my apologies. I have also reconfigured how I handle emails. I was replying from a different account and it would appear my replies often got caught in peoples’ spam filters. DOH!

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Here’s a cool shot of the little 1894 pole barn we’re currently dismantling, I’ll get more as we continue.



 I’m starting to get some updating done…..the doors, 1/2 doors and hardware page has some new….old content.

Understandably, the bricks and mortar (Mortise and Tenon) part of Barnitall takes up my time and the virtual side takes a backseat….a variation on making hay while the sun shines I suppose. We are in the midst of drawing the remaining product that we have reclaimed from the various farms to our yard in South Barrie. Once that’s done I will upload some pics, as I believe it will be an impressive sight.



Here’s a slide show of a 120 year old barn that we had 5 days to bring down, which is obviously not ideal. Remarkably there was very little loss! Having removed the siding and weakened it structurally we were able to push it over and reclaim the majority of material. click here to view.

There is a full screen button within the player. use your browser back button to return to this page, or click on the little barn to return to home page.


We had to bring one down quickly in the summer, it’s kind of sad but here’s the video of an excavator making short work of this old beaut.




this little barn barn3will take you to the home page from all pages



I’ve put up a photo gallery on the ‘down the road’ page of  some of the innovative uses there are for reclaimed wood.




Here’s some interesting ‘gee whiz’ facts about trees

and even more reason to consider using reclaimed wood942501_597105033647596_667983024_n















 on to grey and brown boards