I think the Chachka part of all this is the most interesting, it gives one a real sense of both the farmers ingenuity and hard work!

Turn of the century Massey Harris #2 Straw and Insilage grinder (sold)Vaughan-20130112-00338

Turn of the century Massey Harris Trenching Plough $300


Thanks to Derrick  Hicks for the idea, this 2 piece log sleigh will become 2 beautiful coffee tables


Tongue and front axle for an antique horse drawn wagon, in incredible condition. I’m still trying to ascertain a value but I’m thinking it will go for at least $500



This is an antique horse drawn excavator! You can see one bracket at the front where the reins attached to a post or pillar. The farmer held onto the handles and used it to dig out foundations! It’s not in the best of shape, but given what it was used for………



onto hardware  wood_arrow forward