off size lumber

Off size lumber can be either sizes we’re accustomed to hearing but not seeing…….a 2″ x 4″ that actually measures 2″ x 4″, or it can be hand hewn or milled sizes that you don’t normally find; 15′ 3″ x 5″s for example or 1″ boards 30″ wide or more!


hand hewn, over 2″ thick…more like 3 – 31/2!

We have a several hundred square feet of ‘threshing’ board left….up to 3″ thick, 8-20″ wide and in various lengths from 5′-20′.

There seems to be some confusion around the various wood ‘measurements’…I shall attempt to clarify (with board feet it is easier to use inches);

Linear/Lineal foot (length)             This one is pretty straight forward!

Square foot (area)              length x width divided by 12 if using inches 

Board foot (volume)            length x width x thickness divided by 144

If a board is 12″ wide and 2″ thick every linear foot equals 2 board feet

Similarly if a board is 9″ wide and 2″ thick it equals 1 1/2 board foot

Or 12″ wide but only 1 1/2 thick , also 1 1/2 board feet

Last one…. 9″ wide and 1 3/4 thick equals 1.31 board feet

Class dismissed!

Here’s a couple of before and after shots (they’re boards from the same batch…not the same boards……didn’t think to get a picture before they were cleaned)

Cleaned with just a garden hose and a cloth!  Thanks to Ryan for the after pics.

IMG_0678r  Image2  Image1

bar top   counter topsr

Check out what Camstruction has been doing with some of our threshing boards from the Links page  

     Then there’s the same material in 1″ planks up to 23″ wide     


And this is a narrower piece planed


Here’s a piece of 2″ fir, planed on one side

fir                     firplaned

We’ve also got some pretty wild live edge material ideal for shelving

live edge 2                 live edge

We  have about 100 – 15′ lengths of pine…. 3″ x “5……actual measurement along with almost a couple of hundred unmilled roof trusses 12′ – 14′  long (see picture below)


barn3wood_arrow forward

onto chachkas